Services include but are not limited to:

Flea & Tick Shampoos – Frontline application – Teeth brushing – Therapeutic Shampoos – De-Skunking – Eye Cleaning – Ear Cleaning – Nail Clipping – Brushing out Knots & Debris – multiple rinsings during bath – Brushing out Loose Hair – Towel dry body & face.

Our Pet friendly High Velocity Water Blower takes the majority of the water from your pet’s coat, then Blow Dry, Brush Out, Deodorize, ending up with a scarf or bow & if allowed, a special treat for your pet!

All our products are Bio-Degradable, Eco Friendly & Natural.

now offering bluberry facial’s & tooth brushing…

We also offer other services:
De-Shedding treatment
Aloe Skin treatment
Pad treatment
Puppy Cuts & Clips,